About us

We were formed in 1995 as Glengormley Electronics & Amateur Radio Society. After moving from the town of Glengormley to Greenisland we eventually changed our name to Greenisland Electronics & Amateur Radio Society.

The group has an  interest in amateur radio and electronics, there is a great emphasis on sharing information and working as a team to help broaden our knowledge and enthusiasm for radio and electronics.

MNØPQR is the amateur radio callsign allocated to the society and is used for club radio broadcasts. We also use other callsigns for special events and contest operating.

Previous Gears callsigns have included: GNØXYZ, MI6X, GB5BL, GBØDDF, GBØSPD, GB9ØSOM & GBØBIG.


We meet on Monday nights in Mossley Hockey Club, 1 The Glade, Newtownabbey, Co.Antrim, BT36 5NN


Our hobby

Amateur radio is a fascinating worldwide hobby using many modes of communication including voice, data, ATV, Morse code etc. on HF(short wave), VHF, UHF, and upwards. This can be direct, via hilltop repeaters, satellites, or even by  bouncing signals off the moon. Quite often amateur radio is used in emergency situations where other forms of communication is either unavailable or unusable and there is a network of amateur radio volunteers set up for this purpose.

In recent years it has become easier  to be a radio amateur (or radio ham, as we are more commonly known) with the Morse code requirement being dropped and the license being split into three stages.

We run classes for the three types of  license, we also run classes for those interested in Morse code.